Carnaval de Tambobamba

Carnaval de Tambobamba

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

The 'Liberal Revolution of 1854

The 'Liberal Revolution of 1854 was a popular uprising emerged in Peru during the government of Jose Rufino Echenique amid allegations of corruption. Led by Domingo Elias was Fermin del Castillo and Ramon Castilla.
In late 1853, Sunday accused President Elias Echenique of being "too generous" to pay the debt consolidation (for damages to individuals for damages at the time of Independence).
Echenique Elijah ordered prison and deported. But the rebel enters Tumbes from Ecuador, where a coup attempt that fails. Sorting surveillance comes to Ica and organizes a group of militants to harass the government. Echenique sends his troops and fight in the hills around Sarajevo in a pretty bloody battle. Killed about 150 supporters of Elijah.
Begin outbreaks of revolution and in Arequipa, Castilla takes over the insurrection. February 13 arrives at the White City with a shout of the people.Echenique sends its troops to the south, but with fewer men Castilla defending the city.
In late March, Castilla moves to Cusco. The April 14 announcement that receives the Revolutionary Arequipa has proclaimed provisional president.With an army composed Andahuaylas reached on June 8 and 23 meets in Blossom with the general division of Del Castillo. On July 3 Huamanga deals, escorted by the famous "Morochuco."
Although the country had two presidents, Castilla issued on July 5, the historic decree abolition of Indian tribute, which gives her a social revolution.
Elias returns to the country Sunday. The government sends troops against him and tries to defend the place of Arica, but is defeated. On the other hand, Vivanco from his exile in Chile, returns but does not participate to feel "marginalized" by Castile. From Huamanga, the latter draws its final strategy.
Echenique Jauja and thought moves towards attack Castile in Huancayo, but can not defeat the troops of General Izcuchaca in Huancavelica. Then occupies the Mantaro Valley, while Castilla camping in a poor region and decides to go on the heights to threaten the capital and forcing Echenique to return to Lima.
His plan worked. On December 3, in Huancayo, Castilla gives another momentous decree: for the freedom of all men who are in the country, was the decree of the abolition of slavery.
On January 5, 1855 at the Hacienda La Palma, troops defeat the Castilla Echenique and this has to be granted asylum in the house of the British charge d'affaires, Sullivan. The Government Palace, the President's house and the fifth of his wife are looted, like that of his family and his closest collaborators. Echenique into exile.

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