Carnaval de Tambobamba

Carnaval de Tambobamba

martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Luis Mendoza's Gate

Luis Mendoza's Gate (* Cusco, August 25, 1811 - † Lima, October 21, 1896) was a Peruvian politicaland military, who became interim president for a few days and on two occasions in 1868 and 1879 .
He participated in all wars and revolutions of the early Republic, was Minister of War and Navy in1855, presidential candidate in 1862, chairman of the Council of Ministers in 1867 under the firstconstitutional government of Mariano IgnacioPrado and as such commissioned an interim
government in Lima, when Prado marched south to confront the revolution that erupted in Arequipa,October 1867 to January 1868. When Pradoreturned to Lima and resigned the presidency, The door took only a few days, from 5 to January 8, 1868.
In 1876 was elected first vice president of Prado'ssecond constitutional government, and history repeated itself again: this time Prado went south to the Pacific War broke out, the door is acting in command in Lima from May to November 1879.When Prado went abroad at the end of that year, La Puerta took over the provisional presidency, but was ousted soon after by Nicolas de Pierola, was in power only four days from 18 to December 23, 1879.

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