Carnaval de Tambobamba

Carnaval de Tambobamba

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

José Olaya

José Silverio Olaya Balandra (1789 – June 29, 1823) was a Peruvian cultural figure and figther for the independence. He is remembered for the enunciation of his clear political position towards independence with his declaration "If I have a thousands lives, I would give them very glad before reject my country..."[cite this quote]


Olaya was born in Chorrillos (in Lima) Peru in 1789. He was a fisherman and a keen swimmer.

In the fight for the independence of Peru, Olaya participated as a secret emissary, taking messages between the government (Callao) and the patriotic ones (Lima). Because he was well know for his ability to swimm long distances; he was recruited by the He was caught,torture and sentenced to death; in spite of the tortures, he never revealed his mission and was executed on June 29, 1823. He was 34 years old.


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