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Carnaval de Tambobamba

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Music of Peru

Music of Peru

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A Peruvian man playing the zampoña.

The music of Peru is an amalgamation of sounds and styles drawing on Peru's Andean musical roots andSpanish musical influences.

Native Peruvian music is dominated by the nationalinstrument, the charango. The charango is a type ofmandolin, and was invented in the Viceroyalty of Peruby musicians imitating Spanish lutes and guitars. In the Canas and Titicaca regions, the charango is used in courtship rituals, symbolically invoking mermaidswith the instrument to lure the woman to the male performers. Until the 1960s, the charango was denigrated as an instrument of the rural poor. After the revolution in 1959, which built upon the Indigenismomovement (1910–1940), the charango was popularized among other performers. Music of Chinese andJapanese settlers greatly influenced Peruvian music.

Raul Romero's recordings of saxophone and clarinetensembles from the Mantaro Valley have proved extremely influential.

One important space for Peruvian comtemporary classical music is Circomper, the Peruvian Composition Circle.

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