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Lizardo Montero Flores

Lizardo Montero Flores

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Lizardo Montero
23rd President of Peru
In office
September 28, 1881 – October 28, 1883[1]
Preceded byFrancisco García Calderón
Succeeded byAndrés Avelino Cáceres
Personal details
Piura, Peru

Lizardo Montero Flores (1832 in Piura, Peru – 1905) was Vice President and President of Peru from 1881 to 1883, during the War of the Pacific.

Lizardo Montero joined the Peruvian Navy in the decade of 1850. Seven years later, aboard the frigateApurímac, he supported Manuel Ignacio de Vivanco's coup. Between 1858 and 1862 he travelled to Spain.

In 1865, he supported General Mariano Ignacio Pradoin his coup d'état against General Juan Antonio Pezet. He was then promoted to the rank of corvette captain and was in command of the Peruvian squad during the conflict with Spain in 1866.

In 1871, Montero was among the founders of theCivilista Party. He was chosen senator for his nativePiura and, five years later, was promoted to the rank of Admiral. After Prado's declaration of war, Montero Flores was named military and political chief of the southern Peruvian provinces.

After a brief defeal in a naval campaign, he left to Limawhere he joined Nicolás de Piérola's forces. He fought in the War of the Pacific during battles of San Juan and of Miraflores in January 1881. After the occupation of Lima, he left to Huaraz as military and political chief of the northern provinces. In 1881 he was chosen asFrancisco García Calderón first Vice President.

After the deportation of García Calderón, Montero was named Interim President and started the peace negotiations with the government of Chile. His refusal to cede any territory to Chile forced him to briefly move the Peruvian congress to Arequipa. Montero left the country after the Treaty of Ancón in 1883. In 1890, on his return to Peru, he was once again named senator for his native Piura.

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Preceded by
Francisco García Calderón
President of Peru
Succeeded by
Miguel Iglesias (north)
Succeeded by
himself (central)
Succeeded by
Chilean Occupation (south)
Preceded by
Provisional President of Peru (central)
Succeeded by
Andrés Avelino Cáceres


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