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Luis Alberto Sánchez

Luis Alberto Sánchez

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Luis Alberto Félix Sánchez Sánchez (* Lima, October 12, 1900 - Lima, February 6, 1994) was aPeruvian lawyer, jurist, philosopher, historian, and politician. A historic leader of the Partido Aprista Peruano, he became a Senator, President of the Senate, Vice President of the Republic and Prime Minister.

His studies began in 1917. He occupied high-ranking official positions in the Senate such as its Presidency in 1966. He directed the commission responsible for editing the Constitution of 1979.

Sánchez was exiled many years in Panama, Colombia, and Mexico. After Sánchez returned from exile in 1956, he taught a course of lectures at San Marcos University Faculty of Letters that influencedMario Vargas Llosa to write his thesis in literature on works of Rubén Darío.[1]

In the general elections of 1985, Sánchez was a candidate to the Second Vice-presidency, under the candidacy of Alan García. Subsequently, in the general elections of 1990, he was a candidate to the First Vice-presidency under the candidacy of Luis Alva Castro. Sánchez was the author of more than one hundred books.[2]


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[edit]Selected Writings of Luis Alberto Sánchez

Haya de la Torre o el politico: crónica de una vida sin tregua. 2. ed., corr. (Santiago, Ediciones Ercilla, 1936).

Preceded by
Armando Villanueva del Campo
Prime Minister of Peru
15 May 1989– 30 September 1989
Succeeded by
Guillermo Larco Cox

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